Therapeutic Bodywork for All Stages of Life


Muscle tension. Injury. Joint stiffness. Surgery. Sports recovery. Stress management. Your body takes the brunt of what life throws at you. Therapeutic massage relieves aching muscles, loosens stiff joints, and helps you relax.

Massage for pain relief and Better health

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, an athlete at the top of your game, an expectant mother, or a senior citizen, massage from Gifts of Healing in Bloomington, MN, will help you live your best life. Gailey Westlund is an experienced and gifted healer who specializes in helping people eliminate pain and enjoy their lives through massage.

Offering 8 Therapeutic Bodywork Modalities

Experience the difference

Having an experienced massage therapist makes a difference. Gailey considers the whole person when developing a treatment plan. She works intuitively during each session, switching from modality to modality on-the-fly to ensure you get the relief you need.

Experience the difference that more than 22 years of experience and 20,624+ completed massages can make.