The Structural Integration 10-Series

The profound effects of Structural Integration hinge on the completion of its series of ten sessions. Each session progresses through the body, building on the work completed in previous sessions. Each Structural Integration session is 90-120 minutes long.

Session 1: Works on the ribcage, shoulders, neck and spine to free up the breath. Makes it easier to breathe and connect with the healing energy of unhindered breath.

Session 2: Works on the feet and lower legs to provide a grounded foundation for the body. Fully connects the foot to the earth and increases stability.

Session 3: Works on the outer surfaces of the legs, torso, arms, and neck. Lengthens the spine and side body, increasing the space and mobility between the ribs and the hip.

Session 4: Works the inner leg from arch of the foot to the groin. Lengthens and eases the curves of the spine by releasing the fascial attachments of the pelvis. Further grounds the foot to the earth and increases energy flow of the inner leg. A powerful session for new mothers experiencing pelvic floor issues post delivery.

Session 5: Works the various layers of abdominal muscles. Balances the inner and outer structures of the pelvis and torso. Improves breath capacity by freeing up abdominal muscles.

Session 6: Works the backs of legs, pelvis, spine and head. Increases the mobility and resilience of the spinal column. Opens up the hamstrings and frees the pelvis to move naturally while walking and standing, taking pressure off of the lower back and spine.

Session 7: Works the upper back, shoulders and neck plus cranium and facial structures. Frees the movement of the cranium from the spine and loosens attachments that pull the head forward and out of alignment.

Session 8: Works the muscles around the hips and in the legs. Problem areas receive focused attention. Begins the "rewiring" process, moving energy from the torso to the legs and feet.

Session 9: Works the muscles of the shoulder girdle and arms. Problem areas receive focused attention. Begins to integrate the work of previous sessions using movement of energy through the body.

Session 10: Establishes horizontal planes of support and movement from the feet up to the head. This session pulls together all the work completed in the previous nine sessions. Completes the integration of energy through the body.

I tried chiropractors, massage, and acupuncture for my low back pain. I saw pain specialists, neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, and physical therapists. I changed my diet, lost weight, did yoga, avoided sports, and bought an expensive bed. Nothing helped my pain.

My doctor recommended fusing all five lumbar vertebrae, but it was risky because of my previous surgeries. Before committing to such a permanent treatment, I decided to try Structural Integration with Gailey.

I completed a 10-series and I am feeling better than I’ve felt in 20 years. I’ve reduced my pain medication by 30% and I’m golfing again! Structural Integration gave me my life back.
— Casey, Bloomington, MN

How to schedule a 10-Series

Structural Integration is intense bodywork that releases long-held patterns in the body. You can complete a Structural Integration 10-series in various configurations. Most people schedule one session every week or so. Others opt to complete the series in five weeks, scheduling two sessions per week. It's up to you and the cadence of the series can be adjusted to fit your schedule. Complete the 10-series within 6 months to achieve the most benefit.