Rescue Yourself from Muscle Pain

Do you suffer from chronic tension and muscle pain? If your muscles are tight and painful, deep tissue massage can help.

What is deep tissue massage?

Muscle pain is caused when muscles over tighten and are unable to relax on their own. Deep tissue therapy uses firm pressure, lubricant, and slow strokes on the muscles to encourage them to relax. Regular deep tissue massage sessions can help:

  • Reduce muscle hypertension and hyper irritability between sessions

  • Retrain muscles to relax more on their own

  • Reduce muscle pain and stiffness

To encourage this relaxation between sessions, Gailey provides customized stretching and self-care programs to keep you feeling better longer.

Deep tissue massage might be for you if you:

  • Suffer from chronic muscle tension and pain

  • Are under a lot of stress

  • Are looking to improve your athletic performance

  • Are recovering from physical injury

  • Have scar tissue from an old injury or a recent surgery

  • Have limited range of motion in your joints

Find out more about all the benefits of therapeutic massage.