Get Back in the Game with Sports Massage

Do you run marathons or triathlons? Play team sports professionally or wish you did? Gailey is ready to help you take your game to the next level with a comprehensive Chinese sports massage.

What is Chinese sports massage?

Chinese sports massage uses acupressure points along your body’s meridians combined with Tuina massage to balance your body’s energy, or chi. A sports massage will:

  • Improve your athletic performance

  • Speed up post-event recovery times

  • Help you recover from muscle soreness at the beginning of the season

  • Help you heal faster after injury

Sports massage is similar to deep tissue massage, but with a few key differences. Like deep tissue, sports massage focuses on the muscles and includes the use of oil or lotion. Sports massage may include stretching, which deep tissue does not, and sports massage is administered on a very specific timeline to optimize your athletic performance.

Sports massage timeline

Let’s say you’re a marathon runner and the big race is on Saturday. Here’s what your sports massage regimen would look like:

Wednesday: Gailey thoroughly works your muscles, removing old, stored fuel from the tissue.

Thursday: Rest completely. No running.

Friday: Go for short run. Think of this as a mini workout. This causes your muscles to start refueling with new, fresh fuel.

Saturday: Race day! Your muscles are primed and ready to go. Run fast and finish strong!

Sunday: Post-race massage and stretching with Gailey to move lactic acid out of your muscles and get you feeling better faster.

Each sports massage session is tailored to your individual body and your sport of choice. Gailey studied Chinese Sports Massage at the Chinese Olympic Center in Beijing, China.