Self-care with a Therapeutic Touch

Love the stress-reducing effects of Swedish massage, but does your body need more than a “fluff and buff?” Relaxation massage will leave you refreshed and renewed.

What is relaxation massage?

A combination of Swedish and therapeutic massage techniques, relaxation massage uses long, gliding strokes to calm the nervous system. This turns off the “fight or flight” response. Then, gentle therapeutic techniques address individual problem areas.

Relaxation massage uses light-to-medium pressure, slow strokes, and oil or lotion to help you unwind. Regular relaxation massages reduce muscle tension and improve your response to stress.

Relaxation massage might be for you if you:

  • Need to take a break from life’s stresses and indulge in a little self-care

  • Have anxiety or are going through life transitions that make it hard for you to sleep

  • Have fibromyalgia or another condition that benefits from a gentler massage

Gailey may offer a stretching or self-care program to help you feel better between sessions.

I highly recommend Gifts of Healing. I’ve been coming to see Gailey every month for 12+ years. She not only is the best for a relaxation massage, but she’s helped me on many occasions through the years with the aches & pains of everyday life.
— Nancy, Saint Louis Park, MN

Feel like you’re at the spa

You don’t have to sacrifice feeling pampered to get the therapeutic massage you need. At your request, Gailey will add an essential oil to your session. Gailey uses Lotus Touch essential oils.