Massage Therapy for Seniors

As the body ages, muscles can weaken, ligaments lose elasticity, and joints may become arthritic. This can slow you down and keep you from doing the things you love to do. Massage is a non-invasive way to combat these changes. It won’t interfere with your medications and it feels good!

What is geriatric massage?

Massage therapy for seniors may include any number of massage styles. Gailey will listen to you and will customize the session to meet your individual needs. Regular massage sessions can reduce pain and improve your quality of life. Senior massage uses light to medium pressure, slow strokes, and may include the use of lotion or oils.

Geriatric massage benefits those dealing with:

  • Osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis

  • Fibromyalgia and joint pain

  • Old injuries and post-operative scar tissue

  • Insomnia and anxiety

  • Swelling in the hands and feet/lymphedema

I have been coming to Gifts of Healing since February 2005. I am 70 years old, have rheumatoid arthritis, and I haven’t found another massage therapist that comes close to matching the care I receive from Gailey. Her massages really reduce the amount of pain I experience from my RA.
— Ann, Edina, MN

We offer a senior discount!

To make massage more affordable, we offer a senior discount to anyone over the age of 60! Learn more about our senior discount.